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Looking for a Doctor in Forest Lake?

If you are looking for a doctor in Forest Lake, why not take a short drive to your local medical centre, Bywater Medical? Our experienced doctors and friendly staff will make you feel welcome.

Why Bywater Medical?

We combine family friendly values with highly trained and experienced doctors, nurses and support staff to ensure you get the best possible service and results.

Bywater Medical prioritise your health and happiness so that your visit is as enjoyable as possible.  

Services Offered

Whether you need a health check, vaccines or are planning a family, we have you covered.
Our services include:

  • Men’s Preventative health check
  • Management of Depression
  • Smoking cessation
  • Chronic Disease management: Hearth, Diabetes, Lungs, Hypertension
  • Obesity Management
  • Mirena and Implanon Contraception
  • Women’s Preventative health check: Pap smear, breast check
  • Antenatal care in line with local hospitals
  • Home Health Assessments

How To Get There?

Bywater Medical is situated on the corner of Forest Lake Blvd and Woogaroo Streets, Forest Lake at Forest Fair Shopping Centre.

There is plenty of free parking with the convenience of a Physiotherapist, Dentist and Chemist located within the same complex.

Don’t wait until something is seriously wrong before visiting the doctor. Prevent health problems with an annual health check.

Contact our friendly receptionists for more information or phone 3372 9177
to book an appointment.

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