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Medicare & Billing

Monday to Friday Bywater Medical bulk-bills current Pensioners and children attending school up to year 12. Health care card holders and Senior Card holders are charged at a concession rate. These cards must be shown at time of consultation. Medicare legislation prohibits 'gap' billing by General Practices. Out of pocket expenses for concession card holders is held at approximately $10. Rebates can be paid directly into your nominated bank accounts if you have registered with Medicare. While the Practice has a schedule of fees, the fee charged for any service remains at the discretion of the treating doctor. Any patient having problems with the payment of fees is urged to discuss the matter with their doctor.


Veterans that are entitled to repatriation benefits due to war service will be treated free of charge for the illness outlined on their benefit card.

After Hours

After Hours Care is available by calling the Surgery numbers at anytime. In an emergency, it may be better to call an Ambulance, attend the Wesley Emergency Centre or a Public Hospital Casualty Department.

Home Visitations

Request for home visits are done after consulting the Doctor or the nurse. 

Workers Compensation

Fees arising from injuries occurring at work are the responsibility of the patient. If they are entitled to benefits of work cover insurance, a full refund of fees may be obtained by the patient after all the correct forms are completed by the patient and his/her employer.


All routine childhood, adult and travel vaccinations are available. Travel to developing countries may involve complex vaccinations schedules. Please consult with your Doctor at least six weeks before your planned departure date.


Your General Practitioner can easily deal with the majority of medical ailments during a consultation, however sometimes a referral to a consultant or specialist is necessary.

A referral can only be given if medically necessary, and not merely at the request of a patient. It is illegal to seek a backdated referral after seeing a Specialist.


Pathology and radiology results generally take one to two working days to return. With urgent results, patients will be contacted directly by a member of the practice to make an appointment with their doctor. Administration staff members do not have access to the details of patient medical records and can only convey the message left by the doctor regarding any results. For non-urgent results patients may be contacted to attend for a routine apointment or the result may be made available to them over the telephone. Patients may request a copy of their results form their doctor. 

Repeat Prescriptions

These are available on a limited basis for some medications to known patients at the discretion of the doctor. 24 hours notice is required and a fee is charged. Pensioners and cardholders are urged to make a brief appointment with a doctor to avoid this fee!


Many minor surgical procedures (e.g. Skin lesion removal, fracture management, pap smears, hormone implants) are preformed within the practice. Our doctors have their own special interests and may refer to other doctors within the practice at times. Diathermy and cryotherapy ( for warts and skin cancers etc) nebulisation, oxygen are available. Please inform the receptionist that a longer consultation time will be required when booking these procedures.


All re-usable instruments used in the practice are sterilised in sealed bags in a high pressure, high temperature autoclave in accordance with strictest standards.


The practice has passed the stringent standards for full accreditation with Australian General Practice Accreditation Ltd and has been approved for the supervision of general practice registrars and the teaching of University Medical Students, from both the University of Queensland and Griffith University. All doctors in the practice are vocationally registered or working towards vocational registration under an approved training programme.

Patient Education

Education materials for an extensive number of medical ailments & diseases are readily available, please feel free to enquire with your Doctor.

Check Ups

  • Regular check-ups are advisable for everyone over the age of 40 years and should cover family history, blood pressure, weight, cholesterol levels, smoking, prostrate & breast checks and diabetes screen.
  • Pap smears should be preformed every two years on all women who have been sexually active.
  • Patients should immediately bring to the attention of their doctor any change in bowel habits or appetite, a change in a mole or sore that will not heal, unexplained weight loss, persistent pain or discomfort, or other symptoms that are causing concern.

Recall Registers

The practice maintains a recall system for patients with chronic diseases such as diabetes, and high cholesterol, and for pap smears, to ensure that these conditions are not neglected. Patients are entitled to opt out from recall systems should they choose to.

Second Opinion

Patients are always entitled to a second opinion if they are concerned about their condition. This will not upset your doctor and often provide reassurance to both parties. Patients may see another doctor within the practice or ask for all pertinent investigations, notes and results be availablefor a consultation with a GP outside the practice.

If an outside opinion is sought, please let your usual GP know, so that copies of the relevant investigation results can be sent to the second doctor. If a specialist second opinion is required a new referral is necessary, and once again, all previous investigations and results and treatments used etc will be sent to the new Doctor.

Privacy Policy

This practice has a specific privacy policy pertaining to patients and their medical records. This complies with Commonwealth legislation. Details are available at reception.

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